Best Selling Book Gives You A Road Map Of How To Sell More In Today's Market And Reveals What REAL Business Owners (not the guru's) Are Really Doing, Day to Day, to Grow Their Businesses
If you've ever just sat there and thought "what the hell next?" then this will be the most important book you'll read this year

It combines 'real world' strategies with frank interviews from successful, REAL business owners sharing what they've done, what they wish they'd done. What actually makes the difference between those that make it and those that don't.
But before we go any further...

If you are looking for a rags to riches story this is not for you.

If you want to "get rich quick" or are looking for some success "short cut", that doesn't involve actually working hard or learning new stuff then stop here - you aren't going to find what you are looking for.

Sadly in todays markets, silver bullets are thin on the ground and if that is really what you are looking, then your time is better spent elsewhere.

What we share is practical and proven, but it's not a success manual guaranteed to make your business grow. 

This book is simply a collection of strategies, actions, tools and techniques that have worked for us as we have built our business and for 100's of our clients as they have done the same.

So with that out the way what WILL this book give you?

Firstly, this is not your normal "grind it out" business book.

It is easy to read. There is a lot in there but unlike most business books out there, you can 'dip in and out'  or read the whole book cover to cover in just a couple of sittings. Each chapter and interview stands on its own merits.

There are no long winded stories, or complex analysis - just proven techniques that we used to grow our business to six figures in our second year.

Plus 'raw warts and all' interviews with real business owners who have built great businesses. They share the steps they have taken AND what they would have done differently if they started today.
"This is the book I'd recommend..."
Here is a fraction of what you'll learn

  •  The secret to putting your prices up and how it will he you win more business (page 89)
  •   Why your passion for you business is actually holding you back (page 199)
  •  How making it harder for your prospects to work with you will make you more money
  •  The steps a Dragons' Den Winner (and long term client) took to grow his business - plus what he wishes he had done (interview on page 153).
  •  Why you are probably wasting your time on social media and how to really use it, (page 55)
  •  How buying a new car, or a big holiday might be the best thing for your business.
  • Why trying to get everything right will stop you getting clients
  •  How the CEO of local UK business took it global and now has some of the worlds biggest names as his customer, (full interview on page 55)
  •  The single best way to ask for referrals we have ever heard (page 141)
  •  PLUS a whole stack of bonus, pre written "ready to use" content for FREE.
In simple terms, this is real business owners sharing what really works, simply explained so you can do the same.

The Game Changers Topped The Best Sellers Chart On The Day It Was Launched And It Is Still Helping Businesses Grow Today 
What to do next...
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But just in case you are thinking it -let's address it...

Why so cheap? What's the catch?
We want to be very clear on two points here.

1) Firstly this is not one of those buy something cheaply and find you have registered for some kind of ongoing course kind of thing - this is covering a one-off fee of £4.97

2) You are not going to get bombarded by anyone trying to sell you stuff.

The truth is, the fact that you are interested in this book at all means you must be interested in growing your business and that is the sort of person we work with.   So by pretty much giving you a copy of our book we hope that we can "prove our worth" to you and you might then want to see what else we could help you with.

BUT as the book is selling well elsewhere, we can't keep this offer live forever, so if you'd like to grab a copy you need to get on it now.  

We are closing the offer in.

This is a very limited offer, grab your copy now while it's still available. 

This book changed my thinking and my business

Game Changers brought me back from the brink of personal ruin. the Marketing tips in it were good but the interviews with business owners changed my thinking and my business and put me on better mental health footing to carry on.   Laurence Childs - Jalapeno IT
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Just in case you are a 'nutshell' kind of person, who heads straight to the end.

We are offering you our best selling book, with 37 proven business growth strategies plus 14 interviews with real "normal" business who have built big businesses and you just need to cover the one off fee of £4.97.

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